- OCTOBER 2015 -
2d price for the rehabilitation of 8 social dwellings in Molenbeek

- AUGUST 2015 -
Bordeaux is getting dressed…

- JULY 2015 -
Nederlandstalige stagiair gezocht – graag cv + portfolio naar opsturen.

- MARCH 2015 -
Competition for the rehabilitation of a school in 8 dwellings in Aalst : 1st price!

Participation in article “Bruxelles… ma belle…” published in archistorm magazine (#71).

Transformation of a storage warehouse in 3 apartments : the shell, structure and techniques are done. Project in collaboration with Ar. Aude Lestienne.

- FEBRUARY 2015 -
Article “Kruisende blikken in de Noordwijk / Regards croisés dans le Quartier Nord” published in architrave magazine (#183).

- JANUARY 2015 -
Presentation of the tender bid for 32 housing with collective garden and polyvalent room in Molenbeek, Brussels

- OCTOBER 2014 -
Rehabilitation of 34 social dwellings in Evere.

- SEPTEMBER 2014 -
Article “Héliport, mixité fonctionnelle au coeur de Bruxelles” published on architectura website.

- JULY 2014 -
The office will be closed between 21/07 and 08/08.

Presentation of the tender bid for 13 social housing in Woluwe, Brussels

- JUNE 2014 -
Lecture on the issue of (temporary) use of vacant buildings for collective housing @ Recyclart – 11/06 at 12.15: be there!

- APRIL 2014 -
The project Heliport is published in french magazine 5 Façades.

- FEBRUARY 2014 -
Among more than 130 ideas submitted, MOLENBAK by Julien & Fred was selected by an expert jury on the basis of the published criteria and goals of the PLAYGROUND idea call.

- JANUARY 2014 -
Presentation of the competition for 8 social housing in Lummen.

Inauguration Helihavelaan BRU+

- DECEMBER 2013 -
Rehabilitation of a single-family house in Boitsfort

- NOVEMBER 2013 -
Cover page and twopage spread in Brussel Deze Week on Fred & Julien study “Bewoonbaar verklaard”. Have a look at pages 1, 4,5 en 15.

BRAL, het Brusselse Raad voor het Leefmilieu, heeft in zijn magazine Alert! een artikel gepubliceerd over de studie van Fred & Julien “Bewoonbaar verklaard”.
Le Conseil Bruxellois pour l’Environnement (BRAL) a consacré un article dans son magasine Alert! sur l’étude de Fred & Julien “Déclaré habitable”.

- SEPTEMBER 2013 -
On Thursday 26th, JAVA will participate in a debate on the issue of (temporary) use of vacant buildings for art practices, organised by w.o.l.k.e.

Renovation of an old “hotel de passes” in Antwerp : front facade is done, one more effort on the backside…

Low energy renovations of single family houses in Brussels : work in progress

- JULY 2013 -

- JUNE 2013 -
Bewoonbaar verklaard : study about exploring the potential of collective housing in left-over spaces in and around Brussels (with Frederik Serroen).

- MAY 2013 -
Harold & Teresa’s renovation is done, wallpaper by Benoît van Innis.

The constructions of a very low energy house in Boitsfort and of the old “hotel de passes” in Begijnenvest (Antwerp) are underway.

- JANUARY 2013 -
JAVA is selected to take part in the competition to design new collective housing in Antwerp (BE).

JAVA is selected with BRUT for the Open Oproep in Zedelgem (BE).

21/01 The renovation of a very low energy house in Boitsfort is getting started.

The renovation of a penthouse in Forest is completed.

- NOVEMBER 2012 -
03/11/12 Proficiat Julien & Annelies! Lang leven Ana.

The old “hotel de passes” in Begijnenvest (Antwerp) is an empty shell ! New project in Brussels : renovation of a single family house in Saint-Gilles.

- OCTOBER 2012 -
Completing the woodwork in Laudystreet, Etterbeek (BXL), the renovation of the facade in Boitsfort is getting started…

- SEPTEMBER 2012 -
Presentation of the idea competition for Cadix D2 with TRANS en Monadnock (NL) architecten.

- JULY 2012 -
Presentation of the idea competition for a school SVM B.31 in Sint-Amands

- JUNE 2012 -
Completing the works of a penthouse in Forest …

- APRIL 2012 -
Execution Helihaven : the shell of the building is in place, now we have to make it fit to live in …

- FEBRUARY 2012 -
Taking part in the call for proposals “global plan for a sustainable development of the Peterbospark in Anderlecht” with BRUT en De Nijl architecten.

- JANUARY 2012 -
Execution Helihaven : the shell of the first floor is nearly done!

- NOVEMBER 2011 -
The construction of a penthouse in Forest (BXL) begins.

- SEPTEMBER 2011 -
Delivery of the low energy house in Etterbeek (energy consumption 30kWh/m2/year).

- JUNE 2011 -
The first stone of the Heliport project has been layed on May 26th by Faouzia Hariche, Mrs Mohamed Ouriaghli and Yvan Mayeur.

- MAY 2011 -
The construction of the HELIHAVEN project begins on the 16th of May.

- APRIL 2011 -

- NOVEMBER 2010 -
Drink for the opening of Charlie B&B in Saint-Gilles, interior design by Mouche.

- MARCH 2010 -
The construction of a passive house in Etterbeek (BE) begins.

- APRIL 2010 -
JAVA is selected for the Open Oproep in Kuringen (BE).

- JANUARY 2010 -
JAVA moves in a new office in Foppensstraat.